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^^ Spenser1058, you really need to do a podcast or something like that; YouTube perhaps where you're getting paid to blog.  your analysis and commentary is truly a great thing.  No BS, I mean it.

Yes I am tourist but I usually avoid the theme parks but did go to Disney Springs.  I knew they were restricting crowd size but did not know they had temperature checks in order to get in and masks we

Orlando will host the Special Olympics USA games in 2022: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/politics/political-pulse/os-ne-desantis-special-olympics-orlando-20190312-story.html From the Se

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I am a little irritated at somebody who states that they represent the Southern Dr Phillips Homeowners association claiming that 50 homeowners associations in the area are opposed. This even appeared in the Southwest Bulletin and Orlando Sentinel. I find this deceitful and in fact untrue. I live in a Dr Phillips neighborhood and go to every HOA meeting. I can say without a doubt that this project has NEVER been discussed. I am sure that is the case with most other neighborhoods as well. I don't know where he can come of stating this. I called this individual out on this via a neighborhood app and he never responded. 

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Ah, yes the NIBMYs have joined with Universal now. Exactly how does Skyplex affect these neighborhoods? Even "muh traffic/muh congestion" isn't going to hold up here. It's I-Drive, where else would they want them to build? Outside of tourist areas where no one would stop by?

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Got this in he mail today.... 


I notice that the thing has suddenly grown from around 550' to 700'.

Amazing!!! Universal must really be scared of this project.

As I read through it, I kept on expecting to see something about it coming alive, growing legs and stomping on the village.

Sounds like maybe they should call it Sky-Is-Falling-Plex.


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Wow.  Just, wow.


The craziest part is how far the scale is off.  EVEN IF the antenna is 700' high (which I've never seen a 150' tall antenna discussed, but could happen), the deck is roughly 550'-560' high.  In that representation, the deck is almost twice as high as the Orlando Eye, when it should be much closer in height.


It should be:  (forgive the rough text sketch)


|sky                                                       550'

|sky                                                       500'

|sky                              DT                    450'

|sky             Eye          DT        Pea      400'

|sky             Eye          DT        Pea      350'

|sky             Eye          DT        Pea      300'

|sky             Eye          DT        Pea      250'

|sky             Eye          DT        Pea      200'

|sky             Eye          DT        Pea      150'

|sky             Eye          DT        Pea      100'

|sky             Eye          DT        Pea       50'



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The precedent was set when they allowed the Orlando eye.   Universal just doesn't want an attraction that will be more popular than theirs nearby. The skycoaster makes their roller coasters look rather vanilla in comparison.

Complaining about traffic on Sandlake Dr and I-drive in the tourist district (universal to the convention center) is comical. It's a good thing it's crowded. 

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The Skyplex people should have a bunch of small, say 4" tall, adhesive stickers made up with a pic of the coaster on it and the words "YES to Skyplex!!", then send a few of their people into Universal to go around sticking them all over the place.

On the backs of the seats inside the rides, on shop and restaurant windows, light poles, railings, etc, etc.

Might not accomplish anything, but it would sure piss them off over there.


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