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Will OC, after a century of misuse, finally begin to save Shingle Creek? 

Orange County leaders look to protect Shingle Creek, an Everglades headwater

From The Sentinel 

For the first time, it looks like change may be coming, starting with District 1 Commissioner Nicole Wilson.


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16 hours ago, jgardnerucf said:

Looks more like out window of Raymond James above 310.

I find it fascinating because you would never otherwise know where that is because of the heavy tree cover.  Now, you know exactly where it is.  Just like when UCF built those taller dorms near the stadium.  From similar angles, you can see all that on the horizon from downtown; helps gage distances...

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This post is not about a specific project- more of a trend. A couple weeks ago, GS ran an article citing a survey from the Urban Land Institute that declares the US has too much retail space and should/ will be converting it to residential (maybe low income housing). They look at malls as having great potential and name Fashion Square as an obvious option.  They also posit we may have too much office space and it may also be better used as residential.

“We’ve talked for years about the fact that we may have too much retail, now we are talking about (how) we may need less office, ” Andrew Warren, director of real estate research with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, said at the conference “Class B and C offices aren’t as attractive. Maybe it’s time for adaptive reuse. There are opportunities out there and we have needs; we need affordable and attainable housing.”..."office replaced retail as the lowest-ranked property sector this year. Retail had registered the lowest ranking of any property type for over a decade but seems to have at least stabilized, while the future for the office sector is uncertain at best."

I found this part interesting, "In addition, tenants are increasingly choosing newer, more modern buildings and abandoning everything else, especially ones built before 1990, the report says. “Unfortunately, the office sector experienced its greatest construction boom in the 1980′s,” the report reads. “Now many of these assets are becoming functionally obsolete, unwanted by tenants or investors.” One anonymous expert interviewed for the report stated that office assets have “become toxic.”


Along that same line of thinking- from GS Developers continue to swap out hotel entitlements in favor of apartments in Orlando’s tourism district. "6.5 acres near the northeast intersection of World Center Drive and State Road 535, just south of Lake Bryan, next to the 1,333-key Caribe Royale Resort." 30 years ago they got approval for a 280 room hotel- never happened. Now the new owner has submitted an application to the county with a change determination request to replace the hotel designation with a 177-unit multifamily community with three residential buildings.


And one more from OBJ, Orlando I-Drive hotel is next in line for conversion to apartments. 3.62 acres at 6323 International Drive, about a half-mile west of its intersection with Kirkman Road, titled Oslo at I Drive in the city filing, would feature two buildings for housing, one common area building, a pool area, mail lobby, gym and parking. "Hotel-to-apartment conversions are a wrinkle on a larger trend seen throughout the region, as investors continue to seek ways to turn older properties into rentable multifamily units while rents in metro Orlando have skyrocketed."


Interesting times

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6 hours ago, HankStrong said:

In my train thread I talked a little about how Phoenix is repurposing a few old malls/shopping centers into hubs for transit along stops in the system.  They are using the ample parking, general convenience, and former storefronts by putting their admin offices in them.

This is a great idea. Unfortunately, the next best option is warehouses, and I don't think we want to go down that road.... btw, does anyone remember when it was a thing to convert downtown offices into centralized server farms? I'm looking at you 180 N Orange.

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