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Moving to Nashville - June 05


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I'll be moving to Nashville in June to attend Vanderbilt!

I'm hoping I can get some housing advice. I'd like to live in area close to school w/in city limits. Condo or townhouse - at or just under 200k.

Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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I wish my house cost that much!


I'm going to grad school and will be selling my place in Tampa.

So it sounds like Belmont bvld would be a good starting point..

If anyone has any other advice I would appreciate it.


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Here you go, gatorgal. These were taken in Janurary or February. I think the whole place will be finished and open by late May or June. This is a great neighborhood with just about everything you'd ever need or want within a stones throw. Prices are good, and the place looks great.

Hope this helps.






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I would suggest our neighborhood - Hillsboro Westend. We are one neighborhood down from Belmont. It is mostly single family houses, but there are some nice duplexes like this one:

Townhouse for sale

Kind of pricey around here, but I can guarantee you won't lose money when it is time to sell. Our house has gone up about 30% the past few years because the neighborhood is so cool. Village real estate has a lot of information about urban / first ring suburb living - you might want to give them a call.

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Gatorgal, Google is a great thing.

Here's some information:


The Germantown neighborhood is undergoing a huge transformation. Safety could be a concern, but in all likelihood, things have turned around tremendously over the past few years. I would get in touch with Mark Deustchman, the realtor and talk to him about them. These are quite dramatic and have levels of affordability. The trip to Vandy would be quick.

If I were your dad, which I'm not, I'd suggest looking a bit closer to the campus and keeping your sites on the Hillsboro Village, West End, Midtown, or downtown areas. I think you'd be happier and feel a bit freer to explore your new neighborhood...24 hours a day.

That's my opinion.

Search for realtors that advertise in the Nashville Scene. There is a website, or contact them for copies of the paper. It's one of Nashville's alternative dailies. It has an extensive real estate section for the areas in which you'll be looking. Good luck to you. You'll have lots of choices.

I recommend a springtime trip to town if you can swing it. That's the only real way to see what's out there.

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I lived in Nashville for 10 years and worked at Vandy for 3. I lived in Hillsboro Village and even though parking was no problem. I was able to walk to work each day. This area is near but closer to campus than the Belmont area that has been mentioned. I've been gone for 5 years, but can't imagine you would have any problems at all finding something in the 200k range near 21st Ave So/Hillsboro Road/24th Ave So area. Try zip code 37212. Anything around Centennial Park would be good. The Love Circle area is great. Amazing views of campus and downtown. You could find a better deal in other areas of town, but you want to be west/southwest of downtown for convieniece to campus, safety, and resale value. Old established neighborhood and well kept up. Great restaurants/bars neighborhood feel but right in the best part of the city. I've lived all over Nashville and when I finally found my place in Hillsboro Village, I stayed there until I moved. It's where I would want to live again if I ever move back there. Unless I can afford Belle Meade by then!

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I lived in the Hillsboro Village area for almost 17 years. It began in the early 80s when the village still offered the H.G. Hill grocery on the corner of 21st, drug stores, the laundromat, the old Pancake Pantry and other things for the needs of daily life. I was able to walk to all those places from my apartment and I loved that life. Everything has changed, but not for the worse, but for the better. All the amenities are there for anyone to do and have anything one would want.

As much as I love my Inglewood home, my yard, my gardens, if I was fiscally able, I'd sure reconsider moving back.

One thing of interest to you Voodoo might be the fate of the old Belcourt Theater. It's alive and doing very well, I'm glad to report.


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