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Coming to Charlotte soon for a couple of days and wanted to know a few 'best of' places  (ex: cheap eats, mall, nightclub, locally famous fast food joints) to hit while there.


The Penguin on Thomas St has the best burger in Charlotte (and you can add a $1.50 for a 16oz Pabst to complete the meal). The fried dill pickes are great, too. Go to Dish (also on Thomas) for tricked up home cooking. Live Bluegrass at the Comet Grill (Park Rd beside the Bi-Lo) in Dilworth on Tuesdays; they have varied live music on weekends. They also have some damn good barbeque. The Double Door Inn on Independence (near the intersection with Elizabeth Ave) has the best blues offering in town. Phat Burrito at the intersection of Park Ave and Camden Rd is cheap, filling and good. Don't know much about the nightclub scene anymore, but I guess all the places on College St uptown are still the happening spots. I saw a line to get into Menage (while driving home late from work, damnit) on W. 5th St last weekend. Heard through co-workers it's cool, but pricey.

Have a good visit!

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Dish is good. I'm gonna be in Charlotte this weekend and I will eat there sometime while I'm there. We're also going to eat at Nobles sometime this weekend. If you want really good food that is also pretty expensive, definitely check out Nobles! Also, Frankie's is pretty yummy italian food.

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