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The dream life of urban dwellers

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I'll post the occasional series here when i see them.

Nice to see that we're talking about people actually living in downtown now.

The dream life of urban dwellers: bustling hot spots

Life in downtown's up-and-coming urban core is changing, but restless residents are still awaiting the conveniences that go along with big-city living.


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First in an occasional series

On a golden afternoon, as vagrants push shopping carts toward nowhere and the groan of construction carries on the bay breeze, Mariel Huertas and Mark Scharnitz take a break from renovations of the old Florida Grand Opera building at Northeast Second Avenue and 18th Street to play the Urban Vision game.

''We see people on the sidewalks, coming from their new condos for coffee and magazines. We see them hanging out at our place, walking to other cool cafes and shops that will be here,'' says Huertas -- who, with partners, is preparing to open The Corner Muse, a place for hipsters to linger, laptops humming, over lattes and smoothies.

It had better open soon. Miami's urban pioneers are growing restless. Promises abound of a bustling urban core, of pricey new high-rises full of people, of shopping, entertainment and night life. But today there are few actual places to go and there is little to do in an area already housing scores of young professionals.

''I can't wait for that [Corner Muse] place to happen. I can't wait for it all to happen,'' says Viviana Rodriguez-Lima, a website designer who two years ago moved to an older condo on 21st Street and Biscayne Bay. She's at the cafecito window of Enriqueta's, a longtime Cuban lunch joint at Northeast 29th Street and Second Avenue where truckers and body shop workers fight the Adidas and vintage T-shirt set for seats.

''I mean, it's not that I need a Starbucks on every corner. But I need a few more options than this,'' she says grabbing her caf

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You beat me to posting this article.I had right now,i was going to put it,then i saw this.

I actually love this.I am expecting this with anxiousness.Maybe make it'll Miami an all nighter.

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