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Signature tower question(nashville)...


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Hey nc, check page 3 of the TN subforum, here. It was discussed a while back and some preliminary renderings were offered. I didn't want to bump the thread back up because it's somewhat dated and no more info is really available, only speculation.

We won't hear anything else about this for a while. 2005 was slated to be the design year, and hopefully, that's what they're doing.

How will it look? Nobody knows really. How tall? Hopefully in the announced ballpark of 55 stories. Recent details aren't available right now. But read the old posts, that might answer what you want to know.

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From what I have been told, there is serious doubt this building will be built. Tony Giarratanna likes to get PR for his projects. Alex S. Palmer is planning his two towers also at the same time. Can Nashville fill a 55, 23, 26 story buildings all at the same time? I have been told no. Remember, if the market were that strong, downtown would not have a 13% vacancy rate and Richard Fletcher would have built the 40 story NCC 2 by now.

Suntrust Plaza would not be built if they were not 56% committed already. I have been told that Alex S. Palmer and Tony are blowing smoke like they always have. Tony is a great guy but the Cumberland took 10 years (1988-1998) and Viridian was planned 12 years ago.

Tony will put something on 5th and church, but it will likely be 20-30 stories with a retail mall and condo's.

I have been told that Nashville will never or most likely never have an office tower built again. Remember, Signature was counting on Suntrust Bank and Bass, Berry, and Sims.

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