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6 hours ago, eandslee said:

Should this project have broken ground already?  There was a lot of fanfare when the news of this was released…there was even preliminary coordination with the city to get this project moving and a goal to break ground in November. Well, that time has come and gone and I do t think I’ve seen anything happen on site yet. It is pretty close to the CoStar construction though. Anyone know anything?  Have permits been filed?


Could be caught up in the slowdown in the pipeline due to higher construction costs and now the added problem in increased interest rates. A lot of projects seem to be taking longer and longer to get off the ground.

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On 12/3/2022 at 5:16 PM, wrldcoupe4 said:

The other one is the city center project with VCU. Was by there recently and seems like nothing is happening. Time for a Bizsense update. 

I know - this likely sounds very odd coming from me, given how uber "GO!! GO!!! GO!!!" as I am on being pro-development - but honestly I have absolutely no problem at all with this one (Block D) sitting idle. We can do WAY better a (hopefully) short ways down the road when inflation has cooled, interest rates are brought back down  and costs are more conducive to going big. Frankly, I hope these folks sell to an out-of-state developer (someone like an Avery Hall type of firm) and get someone in here to do this thing up right. Block D is supposed to be a one of the primary anchors to the eastern side of City Center - and the current plan couldn't anchor a Thalhimer-built suburban strip mall-car-wash and drive-thru Sheetz-fest, much less a redevelopment as absolutely critically important to downtown RVA as City Center.

It's a dumpster fire that needs to be jettisoned. We can do WAY better in a year or two, with (hopefully) a different developer. Let these folks concentrate their considerable efforts on Green City (and really do that one up right!) and the project they have slated for Westwood (a large apartment building, I believe) and leave downtown (and City Center in particular) to some heavy hitters who won't play around and waste a perfectly good developable block.

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20 hours ago, wrldcoupe4 said:

The other one is the city center project with VCU. Was by there recently and seems like nothing is happening. Time for a Bizsense update. 

While we're at it, let's add The Project Formerly Known as the Admiral. Unless something has definitely gotten underway there - seems like that one is stalled in cricketsville as well.  This was supposed to have broken ground by the mid-to-end of last month, if memory serves. Maybe time for the RBS supersleuths to don their Sherlock Holmes caps and do some 'vestigating! :tw_thumbsup:

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