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NEW YORK Times Square

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Yes, I'm from Hong Kong. New York's urban feel is much different from Hong Kong. Although New York looks very dense and there are a lot of skyscraper canyons, I find it to be quite spacious actually. Hong Kong has a lot of huge towers clustered together. In Manhattan, the residential areas are quite well spaced out. I took a walk along the streets around the Guggenheim east of Central Park and most of the buildings were about 10 stories tall or so and gave a very cozy feeling.

New York has gotten cleaner compared to my visits a few years back, but I really hate how bad the ventilation is in the subway stations. In the end I settled for bus rides instead. The buses are very new and comfortable. I remember the bus driver even offered to let us back on for free if we wanted to get off at Times Square to take a few pictures while she waited to depart.

New York is a great city. It's in a totally different league than Hong Kong. Both cities are great, but I find more differences than similarities between the two.

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