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Dallas Residential Projects


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Since a Texas sub-forum was started, I figured I would look up some things to see what was going on down there. This is a short list of some of the projects going on in Dallas with a little info that I could find.

1407 Main Street (Downtown)

Completion in summer 2006

Project includes: 84 apartments, 6 level public/private parking garage, 20,000 sf ground floor retail


Azure (Uptown)

31 floors - 375' - Construction begins in spring 2005


The Mondrian (Uptown)

20 floors - Completion spring/summer 2005


The Residences At The Ritz-Carlton (Uptown)

21 floors - Completion 2007


Crista Bella (Turtle Creek)

22 floors


The W Dallas Victory Hotel & Residences (Victory)

33 floors - Completion late 2005


This is far from being a complete list.

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can anyone tell me why Dallas does not have a well populated core. I mean even in the sorrounding areas around dt... it isn't that populated atleast not to what I would think that size city would have. I live in charlotte and we about to push 10k in our 1.5 mile area. Does everyone commute?

I was just really surprised by this

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The Uptown population has grown through the 90's and the trend is starting to move into downtown. Conversions of office buildings to residentail has increased the population and retailers are starting to gain more interest. Dallas looks to be gaining the momentum other cities have experienced in downtown resurgence the last few years.

2000 Downtown Population: 2,198

2004 Downtown Population: 3,170 (44.2% increase)

2010 Projected Downtown Population: 10,000+

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Right. Dallas like Houston has a very low downtown population. But like Houston they have a very high Uptown population. As Uptown still grows, downtown is now starting to attract some people themselves. I expect the number to go up even faster than those projections lol.

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Construction from that picture eastsider posted on the Azure begins.

Harwood, Westbank Break Ground on $100M-Plus Azure

By Connie Gore

Last updated: April 5, 2005 09:21am

DALLAS-Harwood International and Westbank Project Corp. officially are under construction with a $100-million-plus residential tower that's pushing the 65% sales mark. The call to start was sounded this morning at a gold-shovel groundbreaking before Dallas' real estate leaders and elected officials.

The 202-unit Azure, a 31-story tower in Uptown, is the second US project for the Vancouver, BC-based residential high-rise expert. "Harwood had the site and the desire to do extremely high quality," Ian Gillespie, Westbank's owner, tells GlobeSt.com. "It was a little bit of a stretch of us to go to Dallas, but we really liked the idea of teaming with Harwood. There are not many developers who want to do extremely high-quality high rises and what we can't do is compromise ourselves for one project." The Azure will sit at 2900 McKinnon St. on a 1.3-acre carve-out from Harwood's 12-block footprint in Uptown.

Now that Westbank's arrived, Gillespie says Harwood will be its only teammate in Dallas/Fort Worth. And, he adds, there's a good chance that additional projects will come out of Harwood's Uptown ground. But for now, the focus is on the Azure, which he predicts will be "largely sold out" by the time it delivers in spring 2007.

"It's selling a little better than we anticipated," Gillespie says. "One penthouse is sold and a contract's pending on the other. He says condo sales are "zeroing in on 65%," predominately to Dallas-area residents. Prices range from $400,000 to $4.2 million for a unit mix with 881 sf to 5,025 sf of upscale space.

Gillespie says Dallas is in its formative stages in comparison to his homeport, where developers have cranes on the ground for 20 residential high-rise projects. But in five years, Dallas will have arrived both in significantly higher prices and demand, he predicts. "It will slowly ramp up as people adopt this lifestyle," says Gillespie, whose other US project is located in Seattle.

In a previous interview, Gabriel Barbier-Mueller, Harwood's founder and CEO, said he has been waiting for two decades for Dallas to reach a stage for high-rise residential development. For that story, click here.

With the timing now right, Barbier-Mueller last year formed Harwood Living, a 12-member team formed to steer the development of the flagship property for a branded-residential portfolio. Centex won the general contractor's contract for the Azure, designed by James KM Cheng Architects Inc., with offices in Vancouver and New York City, and Gensler Architects, a San Francisco-headquartered international firm with offices in 25 cities. The rest of the team has Dallas-based SWA Group as landscape architect; Gensler and Lauren Rottet of Los Angeles teaming on interior designs; and sales by Gullotto Group/Ebby Halliday Realtors and the Seattle-based Rennie Marketing Systems.

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Here is some more residential projects going on in Dallas.

The Mondarian I believe is included with the large West Village project.


Part of theThe Victory Project The W Hotel that eastsider posted is included with the Victory project as well. Construction on the W Hotel is going pretty fast


Ritz Carlton Hotel and Condos.


There are alot more. The Market for Condos is hot in Dallas and will only continue to grow. They are selling fast

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1407 Main Street looks pretty interesting.  Is this building new or is it a renovation project?


1407 Main Street will be a new 16 story building containing 90 apartments. However, it is part of a larger project than will have a total of three buildings.

The 16 story Gulf States Building at 1415 Main St. is being converted to 68 apartments. Also on this block is the Stewarts Building which is being converted to 25 apartments. This whole project is located within close proximity of the Akard Station on DART's light rail line.

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can anyone tell me why Dallas does not have a well populated core. I mean even in the sorrounding areas around dt... it isn't that populated atleast not to what I would think that size city would have. I live in charlotte and we about to push 10k in our 1.5 mile area. Does everyone commute?

I was just really surprised by this

within 1 mile of the CBD loop Dallas has a pop of 60-70,000 and this will continue to increase rapidly. There is plenty of density in place like Uptown or Bryan Place that are adjacent to the CBD. The CBD itself is now going through a residential boom. Thousands of units are under construction, conversion or renovation, as well as soon to be announced plans for more residentials. I'll start another thread that will better show how much Dallas will change over the next 5 years.

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Dallas Morning News article: Condo options downtown

During the last five years, developers have built more than 2,000 apartments in downtown Dallas. But the options for buyers have been limited.

That's about to change.

A good supply of old commercial buildings that can be converted to housing is driving the market, analysts say.

"The condo market in downtown is emerging and doing better than I thought," said analyst Mike Puls of Foley & Puls. "But downtown is a more price-oriented market than Uptown.

"Buyers will go downtown if they can get something they like and the price is not too high," he said.

At the 11-story SoCo lofts, units start at about $100,000 and average $165 per square foot. Compare that with Uptown, where new high-rise condos start at twice that.

Developers are about to start selling units in the next big downtown condo project, the Metropolitan. The 26-story former office tower at 1200 Main St. is being converted by New York real estate company Rockwood Realty.

The 1970s high-rise will have 273 condominiums, according to Christine Lutz of Chicago-based Garrison Partners Consulting, which will market the building.

"We are nearly complete with our plans and pricing," Ms. Lutz said. "We are anticipating that we will be able to engage the market at the end of June.

"It will be like nothing downtown Dallas has seen," she said.

As part of the redevelopment, Rockwood will build a parking garage attached to the tower at Main and Field streets. Also, the glass exterior of the building will be remodeled with balconies.

Ms. Lutz said the condos will start at less than $150,000.

"I'm consistently stunned with the prices in Uptown," she said. "This is going to be for people who need an alternative."


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I saw the Metropolitan the other day (well, I"d seen it before but hadn't noticed the signs previously). That's going to be an extremely convenient location for anyone who works downtown. I'm excited to see the development. It'll be nice to see occupied buildings when I walk home in the evenings!

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Stoneleigh Hotel Condominiums Uptown

21 stories

Architect: Gromatzky, Dupree, & Associates

A 21 story condo tower is being developed next to the landmark hotel. As part of the project, the Stoneleigh Hotel (built 1923) will be renovated. The condo tower will connect to the hotel by a garden and courtyard. Construction is expected to start early next year and take two years to complete.

Full story at: http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dw....126e51c19.html


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Dallas (municipal)

New Construction Projects Stories Complete/Status

One Victory Tower (I) 45 2008

Conv. Ctr. Marriot Hotel xx On Hold

City Lights Res. Tower 32 Planned

W Victory Hotel & Res. Tower North 31 May '06

The Azure 31 Spring '07

The Icon at Victory I 28 Approved

The Icon at Victory II xx Planned

Victory Res. Tower J 25 Planned

St. Ann Court 24 Approved

Harwood Glacier Tower res. proj xx On Hold

Hyatt Classic Residence xx Early '08

Hall Arts Dist. LS site (2 res. bldgs.) xx On Hold

Sunrise Condominiums project 23 Early '08

Cresta Bella 22 Late '07

Stoneleigh Residences 22 Approved

The Ashton 21 Mar '05

Ritz Carlton Hotel & Res. 21 2007

The Mondrian 20 Apr '05

Lincoln McKinney Ave. tower proj. 20 Planned

Galleria North Condo. project 20 Planned

Harwood Maple Ave. project xx On Hold

One Victory Tower (II) xx 2008

Hunt Hdqtrs. Tower xx Planned

One Arts Plaza 7-Eleven Hdqtrs. xx Early '07

Gulf States Bldg. II 17 Summer '06

UTSWMC Biomedical Research Ctr. 16 2004

W Victory Hotel & Res. Tower South 15 May '06

Mercantile Condo Tower xx Planned

Prestonwood/Arapaho Condo. project 15 Planned

Ritz Carlton Hotel & Res. II xx Planned

Sofitel Site Hotel & Res. project xx Planned

One Arts Plaza Residences xx Planned

Park Ln. Place (multi. res. bldgs.) xx Spring '07

Mockingbird Stn. exp. (multi.res.bldgs.)xx Planned

Children's Med. Ctr. Twr. III 12 Planned

Children's Med. Ctr. Twr. IV 12 Planned

State-Thomas Hall St. tower proj. 11 Planned

Joule Urban Resort Tower II 10 March '06

Routh St. Complex condo. project 10 Planned

Maple Terrace Condo. Tower project xx Planned

CMC/UTSWMC Research Tower xx Planned

//not incl. unannounced portions of West Village Master Plan

//not incl. unannounced portions of Victory Park Master Plan

//not incl. the remainder of unannounced International Center Master Plan

* list comprised of structures 10 stories and greater since '04

** structures listed w/stories as "xx" are placed in their approx. likely list position

Renovations/Res. Conversions Stories Complete/Status

Republic Bank Tower I 36 2006

Mercantile Tower 36 Planned

1600 Pacific 33 Planned

Fidelity Union Tower I - Pacific Place 31 2007

1200 Main - The Metropolitan 26 2008

Fidelity Union Tower II - Pacific Place 21 2007

Statler-Hilton/Grand Hotel 20 On Hold

Joule Urban Resort Tower I 17 March '06

Gulf States Bldg. I 16 Summer '06

Dallas Power & Light Bldg. 16 2006

Praetorian Bldg. 16 Planned

Atmos Building I 13 Planned

Children's Med. Ctr. Twr II expansion 12 2004

Atmos Building II 12 Planned

Atmos Building III 10 Planned

Continental Building 11 Planned

Civil Courts Bldg. expansion 10 2006

* list comprised of structures 10 stories and greater since '04

Lined out items don't have residential included.

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