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Where are the bells going to go? Are they going to be a part of this area or phase 2 or closer to Main St?

They're going to be part of this centerpiece plaza. I'm curious to see what the winning design of the carillon will be. I'm sure it will either fit in nicely with the rest of the plaza or contrast completely so it stands out, but I doubt that anything in between wins.

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well i just walked down to take a look....there is some water in the right side of the fountain and they have the lights in place, but no actual running water, the left side still has some work to be done.

I really don't see them getting this done before the hotel opens and if for some reason they do, i seriously doubt they willbe able to get the riverwalk done up to it.......but i have been wrong before.

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They must still be doing tests, then. Because when I looked out my window, the water was going full force. The are some jets that shoot straight up in the air at the top, and it was cascading over all the ledges. Sorry you missed it.

I'll keep an eye on it tomorrow and try to get a picture.

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While we were working on the hotel today they turned it on several times and i dont think this will be running when the hotel opens. I was watching them carry all the tv's up to the rooms and could feel the heat comming from the dryer vent were they were trying to wash the sheets and dry them before it opens

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