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It's pretty neat seeing the Embassy Suites rising above the Hugenaut Mill as you head west along Broad Street. It makes the far side of the river feel very close at that point.

I saw that view last night. It really stands out now and they still have a few floors to go.

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Dang still coming up broken. I got some good photos this morning that stinks.

It is TapaTalk that is broken, not our site. Please visit http://www.urbanplanet.org from your mobile phone/tablet and upload the pictures that way. The new site is MUCH better for mobile when visiting directly. For now, TapaTalk's image upload is broken. TapaTalk has acknowledged the issue but unfortunately they note that it is complex for them to fix and may take time.

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We should find out more in August about the plans for the long awaited visitor's center, which may (or may not?) be adjacent to this site. With that, and the rerouting of the trail under the River Street bridge, it will be interesting to see how our Riverwalk and activity expands up the Reedy. When activity jumps River Street will people respect Greenville's activity OFF of Main? Or will it continue to be downplayed because it is too well connected and continuous? But for now, this Embassy Suites will be a great bookend to the riverplace development. 


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They have to top out the condo building before the crane leaves. 

What about the third building, the office building? When is that going up?

New pics of this would be great....TIA!

I might get some this coming weekend. In the meantime I'd like to see some too!

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