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Google or Yahoo

M. Brown

Which is better?  

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  1. 1. Which is better?

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Actually, Yahoo is more or less the same as Google these days, in terms of how powerful the searches are. I use Google 99% of the time. I have their desktop search, taskbar plugin, etc. and use it for pretty much any search related task on my computer or the net.

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Google definately. I like the google maps as well. But as of now, they are mostly just pretty to look at. They lack certain information that I want to see (like counties). I have the search bar plugin on Firefox. (It also has dictionary.com, ebay, yahoo, wikipedia, etc-- Firefox rules BTW) Goggle has a way of getting you to what you want to see in a better way than other places I have tried. Their mail system is decent too. The more I use it, the more I like it.

Yahoo has hands down the best movie search that I have found. I use it for that purpose only. Like Urban Legend said, Yahoo's front page is too cluttered.

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Like Urban Legend said, Yahoo's front page is too cluttered.


Google News now allows you to customize the page, including automoatically searching for news by term. It doesn't quite work as a portal yet, as Gmail isn't integrated into it, or GoogleMaps or any of there other workings.

Also, check out GoogleX which Google pulled for some reason but is still being hosted at several mirrors.

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I use Yahoo! for retrieving specialized content (Launch, etc.) but mostly I am a Googleguy. "Alt-D, google, Ctrl-Enter" is muscle memory now, although I do have the toolbar and use Firefox. Google's best quality is its lack of clutter and graphic-intensive pages. Way back when I used to use Infoseek, before Disney bought it and the search went down the tube.

Virtually every search I do is done through it. Gmail is amazing, and most recently I've grown fond of Google Maps... I hope that service continues to evolve, and develops essential features like capturing the map (without print-screening), and maybe even aerial photos (like mapquest used to provide from globexplorer)

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Google has upped its free storage to 2GB. Nice :)

"Google Inc. said it's doubling free storage to 2 gigabytes shortly after Yahoo Inc. matched its original offer.

Google said the increase will not be the last from the company, which intends to make further free storage increases on its Web e-mail system as user needs expand.

"We plan on continuing this increase for the foreseeable future," said Georges Harik, product management director for Gmail. Harik said "less than a few percent" of Gmail users are bumping up against the 1 gigabyte limit. "


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