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I got a drone this week and decided to try it out along the Hague. Here you can see Fort Norfolk's progress.  

Took a quick trip to Tidewater just before Christmas.  Here's a pic of the Norfolk skyline taken from the Renaissance Portsmouth hotel

Beautiful Drone video of Downtown Norfolk at night. The city looks big at night.    

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That is a cool shot, especially since it is two skylines. It is unfortunate that VB isn't actively turning all of Pembroke into a downtown because that skyline would look pretty big from this distance. I would love to see Norfolk gain something like 10-15 new residential towers in its skyline, that would really help bulk it up even more.

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46 minutes ago, Urbanlooker said:

If Downtown got even one new residential tower in the near future I would be ecstatic. But it seems as though Norfolk and it's developers are content with mid-rise residential instead.

Mid-rise developments is at least something. The redevelopment of the land around Harbor Park would be a great location for an urban neighborhood with some residential towers and lots of mid rise buildings.

Looking at this particular photo, the new building by City Hall will fill in the skyline nicely, even better if it turns into a few new buildings by City Hall. Then of course if the Harbor Park area was developed, that would really add to that skyline view.

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16 hours ago, zeppelin14 said:

Isn't that the area where they had the outdoor concerts (Weezer)? If so, are there no plans for any concerts anymore?

They've got another stage by the piers. I would assume this means no multi-stage concerts, for the summer at least.

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