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Shopping in New Haven


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I'm going up to New Haven next week with my girlfriend and wondering where we should stay/hangout/shop? Is there an area with lots of cool restaurants and boutiques? Thanks


Downtown New Haven on Broadway has some cool shops, Urban Outfitters, J Crew and on Chapel St. I think is a cool store that sells Sixty, Energie, G-Star etc., right across from the Green. There are many bars and clubs throughout the CBD. Also check out State Street they have a few bars and restaurants.

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It might be I am not sure but Chapel Square Mall- which is blah is right across the street from the green.


I'm late on this one, but just for the record... Chapel Square Mall is across the street from the New Haven Green... The green is just that... A traditional, New England park in the city center. The mall borders this on its Southeast side while Yale is to the West, Northwest, and North and the CBD to the Northeast and East.

This map illustrates it well:


- Garris

Providence, RI

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